Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Small Preview: James and Leah

I took a couple minutes here out of my crazy finishing up of senior orders, to post a few images from James and Leah's wedding... which I shot, with the help of Jude, this past weekend.  It did downpour, but we got a quick outside shoot in with Leah and the bridesmaids right before it let loose!  So all was good!  I just thought I would put these couple up, to get you guys anxious to see more.  And I thought these were two fun shots that people might enjoy seeing!

Congratulations James and Leah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A tulip in my mom's flower garden that I thought was really pretty.... So of course I took a picture of it.
The flowers and the awesome greenery are making me want to take outside portraits all day long.  So parents with little kids, next years seniors(yes, it is now time to start getting going on this), and anyone else who wants portraits done, time to get ahold of me! Woohoo! Send me an email!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Here are some images from a senior shoot I had with Lexi at Sidecut Metropark!  Lexi is from Clyde, so we met about half way (at Sidecut which is in Maumee), and it turned out great.  It is a really nice park, and I suggest you check it out of you have never been there.  Looks great for fishing, and picnics, and so on.... A lot of room, and a nice playground for kids. 
It was a really good time, and we had a lot of fun with her and her mom! It was a pretty great day, a little windy at times, but we were able to work around it.  We ended up with a ton of images... here are a few.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent Work

Well, it looks like I haven't put any of my recent work up!  I have been coaching Jr High track and field the past few months... so with that extra work, I have not had much free time.  I am having a great time though!  This is the second year I have coached, and I again have a really talented team!  We have had a really fun time.

Here are a few images of Erica that I did recently.  I will get some more recent stuff up soon.