Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Engagement: James and Leah

Here is another awesome couple that I recently did some engagement shots of!  It was awesome,  we went to this back road that runs through a woods, and they brought this sweet love-seat that Leah somehow found.  (This is exactly the kind of furniture I am always looking for, so if you ever see a chair or love-seat of similar vintage for sale, let me know!)  Even though the dirt road is more like a farm lane, and I am pretty sure there is no reason anyone should ever need to drive through... there was about a 15 minute period where there was random traffic... it was so weird.  Some motorcycles, a car, a couple trucks, an atv...

So anyway, here are some starter shots for ya.  There will definitely be more to come!

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Creative Dancer said...

When you seriously begin to search for the vintage furniture I'll make sure you are informed of Harry Tennery's Estate Sales!