Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few from David and Kaci's wedding

Ok, ok, so every time I post lately it seems like I am saying "I have been so busy...", but I really have been!  It is especially true this post!  But I need to start getting more up here... I will be posting a lot of my recent stuff.  One of the things I haven't posted yet it this awesome wedding I shot.

I got to shoot the wedding of my good friend David, and his bride Kaci.  Dave and I grew up as neighbors, and were best friends when we were young.  I could fill a book, and probably will some day, with all the stories of our childhood.  One time we got lost in the cornfield between his house and my grandparent's.  We were suppose to stay by the fence row... while I think his mom was mowing and my dad was working on something?  Well anyway, we didn't stay and ended up in the cornfield, ad were lost in there for I don't know how long!  Our families were looking all over for us... By a miracle we finally found our way out right at the back corner of his yard.

Anyway, here are a few random shots from the wedding that I liked.

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David said...

Oh the cornfield's a classic, you could devote a whole book just to the spear and dirt-clod wars we had with my brother...and who could forget the infamous water balloon fight with Paul from the down the road...but really Ty the pics look fantastic and we're lucky to have you as a friend. Come down to Florida anytime. Thanks!