Thursday, July 22, 2010

Norris Lake, TN : Bridge Jumpin

Last week I was on vacation at Norris Lake in Tennessee.  It was a great week filled with a lot of fun.  Wish I would have been there a little longer, so I could have taken more time to go and and shoot.  

These pictures were taken from a bridge right outside a cove, where our lake house was located.  Boats gather around this bridge every day and just kind of hang out... watch people jump off the bridge into the water and such.  When it gets towards evening, some of the locals come down and entertain onlookers with flips, and dives, and different jumping tricks.  It is actually pretty impressive, but it is what these kids have grown up doing. The kid in the second to last picture and the one in the backflip sequence were probably the best at flips.  They were both doing double backflips pretty easily. 

 We went and jumped two different nights... I didn't do a flip off... but looking back I wish I would have!  Give me a couple more days on that bridge and I promise I'll be doing some next level tricks!

I'll add more images of the trip to TN soon!


Clinton Dene said...

awesome shots! DOCUMENTARY!!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome shots. Saw it posted on the Norris Lake facebook page. Can't wait to see it in person next weekend.
Wendy W

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try it either (; Those boys are fineeee :D
Oh, and Hi Mom!
Delaney W

Anonymous said...

there will be no looking at boys
boys are not fineeee.
you will be studying
dad w

Norris Lake said...

Amazing photos!

Norris Lake Rentals said...

Wow, these are really good Tyler. My favorite is the split screen top image of the person jumping into the water.

Tyler Sharpe Photography said...

HAHA. I love these comments! For some reason I am JUST NOW noticing them.
Thanks everyone!