Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tornado 2010

Tyler's dramatized story of the Liberty Center and Delta Tornado of 2010:

I finally put the finishing touches on my slideshow for church the next day. It was about 8:30pm on Saturday, and I couldn't believe I hadn't eaten yet. I still had to pick up the Bare's so that we could run to Napoleon, and grab the supplies to make our chicken calzones. After getting Kate and Kelsey, and driving up town, we wandered through the aisles, carefully picking up the essential ingredients. Rita called, and ordered us to pick up some bread and grape juice for Sunday service's communion. Adding much time to our quest for food, we searched for just the right type of bread that Rita demanded we bring back. Unfortunately we did not know this bread was not in existence until much later. She would have to settle for regular round-top white.

With all of the ingredients in hand, we picked a check-out line of our liking. This is when we realized we did not grab the crust..... Quickly, Kelsey and I made our way to the very back of the store, where the dough was being chilled. We snatched up 3 tubes, and rejoined Kate. We paid for our supplies and made our way out to the WalMart parking lot. As the automatic doors slid open, I immediately felt the strange warmth of the night.

"Wow is it hot out!" I exclaimed. I knew that it was the perfect temperature for tornadic activity, but tried to forced myself to believe that it wasn't true. For the sake of not alarming the girls, I held back this scientific fact that I knew, and continued on to the car.

Back at the Bare's house, we quickly began making the calzones. I started in on the impossible task of rolling out the dough. Nick finally arrived and was excited to see the pockets taking form... well, kind of taking form. The girl's younger brothers hovered around us, waiting to pounce on any scraps of calzone ingredients that might be dropped.

By this time, the sky's wrath was taking form. A news bulletin came over the television, spreading the word of thunderstorms with possible swirling activity. Because of our hunger, we somewhat ignored the warnings and continued preparing our meal. When the warnings persisted, we decided to take a look outside. Rain and wind.... nothing we hadn't seen before.

After receiving a few calls, I decided I should go back outside for a better look. Our calzones were baking in the hot oven, turning into golden pockets of delicious taste. I stepped outside and immediately knew something wasn't right in the Northwest Ohio atmosphere. A strange noise in the distance and dark black clouds to the north of us.

"Nick! Get out here, quick!"

Nick joined me outside, and I could see the fear in his eyes boiling... just like the delicious chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and sauces of my calzone where boiling in the oven. We unknowingly watched the tempest take form in the sky. Hunger again won out and we went back inside to finally enjoy our calzones.

We chewed happily. Little did we know that we would soon be thrown into a wild maelstrom of activity.

Nick's phone rang and our stomachs dropped. For a moment, everyone in the house stared at the phone, and then at each other. After what seemed like hours, Nick picked up the phone and answered it. As fast as the phone conversation started, it ended. Liberty Center was under attack by the weather. Nick and Shaina's house was within inches of being DEMOLISHED!

"Get in my car, we have to go!" said Nick as he walked out of the room. Kels and Kate immediately followed, but I couldn't pull myself from the trance of the calzones.

"Tyler, there is no time. Just let them go", Kate exclaimed with assurance in her voice.

We quickly jumped into the car. On the phone, Rita nervously watched as we backed out of the driveway. We were pinned to the backs of our seats as Nick slammed on the gas. We made our way through twisted steel and branches, all the way to his house. An audible sigh of relief was heard out of Dan (Kelsey and Kate's father), either out of relief to have arrived safely, or out of relief that his oldest daughter's house had been spared.

The rest of the night we spent discovering the damage and watching while car after car funneled through the destruction.

The End

Here are some shots I took this morning and afternoon of the damage throughout our area (a couple miles to the northeast of my house). Fortunately, in our immediate area, I don't believe anyone was killed. But there were a few deaths closer toward Toledo from another tornado produced by the cell.

(click to view the images larger)

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jon frost said...

hey did you get any pictures of the mill's house? and make sure you come on tuesday to thier house to help clean up