Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RAIN at Fox Theater

This past weekend was really great. Fox Theater, in Detroit, hired me as their house photographer for two awesome concerts. Alicia Keys on Friday, and RAIN on Sunday. RAIN is a Beatles tribute band, and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely check out their show! I had never heard of them before, but they must be fairly popular, because the place was sold out.

Here are some images from RAIN...

I'll post some Alicia Keys images soon.

Since I did these shows in Detroit, I got to visit my friend Jude that I went to photo school with! She photographed me for a really cool personal project that she is doing. The pictures looked so sweet. She is so talented, and has a sweet style. Check out her site!!
Other noteworthy happenings, we made a lot of progress on a puzzle of wolves and snow, and we went and saw Avatar in 3D. Wasn't sure how I would like the movie.... but I must say, I enjoyed it. I actually was finding myself getting a little jealous of the movie.... I want to live in a place with giant trees that I can run around on, see sweet glowing ferns/fungi/creatures at night, fly on giant bird things, and be a huge blue guy with long hair.

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