Saturday, December 19, 2009

Clint: 2nd Shoot

Here are some shots of my 2nd shoot with Clint. I think we got some pretty good stuff. It was kinda cold, but not as bad as our first shoot for sure. I just noticed that none of these images I decided to put up show him smiling.... We did get a lot of him smiling though. He is a really good fake smiler actually. I have enjoyed these two shoots a lot. Clint and his mom are really nice, and enjoyable people to have on a photo shoot.

The only negative thing about the shoot.... sometime during or after I have seemed to misplace my camera bag with one of my lenses in it! :( Now, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I put it in the van when we were ready to leave for home.... but I can't find it around the house anywhere! We went back and searched both places we shot... Either someone swiped it out of the van, we left it behind and someone picked it up before we got back to look for it, or it is sitting around here somewhere(possibly in a shallow grave dug by our dog... but I really don't think that is the case). Or else, right now, Clint is rolling in all the money that he got when he pawned it off. Haha... but seriously, if thats true, you're dead.

So, we finally got some nice snow last night..... What a perfect time for some photos out in the outside! If anyone wants to schedule a session for some shots out in this, let me know. A kid playing in the snow maybe??!! That would be cool.

That is all for now. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!

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