Thursday, October 22, 2009

Senior Shoots!

The past few days have been a lot of fun!  I have had several senior shoots that I really enjoyed. Each one of the kids that I took pictures with had great personalities and were a lot of fun to hang with.  Here are just a few of my favorite shots....

These first two are of Tyler, from LC.  I also did a shoot with him a couple months ago up at the football stadium.

Kristen goes to Napoleon. What an amazing smile!  This was my first indoor shoot here at home... in my "studio". I was a little nervous, but I thought it went really well.
DJ goes to Bowling Green HS. Really cool kid! We did a shoot down in Grand Rapids. The weather was pretty much perfect that day too.

And last but not least, Ian. Bricca assisted me on this shoot at the stadium. Ian is really cool too. We are in the process of setting up another shoot with him here in a few weeks.

In other news.... I have edited more of the Proudfoot wedding. I will hopefully post some more shots of that this weekend....  

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