Monday, September 14, 2009

Hunter: 2 Years!

I have had some difficulty finding time to post recently, so I was determined to get these up!  In response to my slow posting, expect several posts within these next few days.  

Yesterday I had a shoot with this young man, Hunter.  He is now 2, so we were doing his 2 year portrait.  He is an energetic little guy, which can make for a difficult, but really fun/entertaining photo shoot.  I got so many shots that I like, it makes me sad that so many of them might go unseen by others.... so don't be surprised if I throw some others up randomly in the future!

He is such a cute kid.  I have done photos of him before.... so I knew we would get some good stuff!

Hunter is also the big brother to a little guy who was born on August 28th... I believe.  So, I also did a shoot and designed some birth announcements for them for him(Cole).  I will try to post some of those shots very soon as well, maybe later today... So make sure you jump back on here to check those out!!  

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Jewel Imaging said...

What an adorable little guy; nice work! 2 year olds are definitely a challenge. Looking forward to seeing the birth announcement.