Friday, September 4, 2009

Fair Parade!

I have been really busy the past few days doing a lot of different things....  not all related to photography.  Tuesday I met up and went to Cedar Point with some friends from Hallmark.  It was a great time!  We rode the Millennium three times; once during he day, once at sunset, and then we were on the very last train for the night.  It got better every time!  We rode in the front seats on the Dragster... that was sweet.  The only major fail of the day was riding the Mean Streak.... NO ONE LIKES THAT RIDE!  Take it down!  I always thought it was just jerky..... no, it also violently shakes you.  

Well anyway, I wanted to post some pictures from back during the fair parade.  I am just now getting a little time to do it.

I decided to have a little "Tyler Sharpe Photography" group in the parade.  So I got shirts made, and we passed out candy and such.  It was a lot of fun.

The group while waiting in out designated area.  Luckily there was this building there for us to seek shade... it was hot.

The cheerleaders with the banner that Todd and I made!

The group walking along with the Rhino.

Brics and Kate.... so happy to be in the parade.

I was like "Matt, I'm gonna take your picture" and he kneeled down on the spot into this pose... haha! He's awesome.

Walking into the fairgrounds..

Oh boy, we're at the grandstand...

Someone was working at the church food stand!....

50 years of past "Tomato Queens". I love Henry County, Ohio!

Matt riding in the back of the Rhino at the end of the parade.

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