Thursday, August 6, 2009

LC Cheerleaders

I know these girls are probably anxious to see some of these, so I decided to post a few that I have had time to edit and mess around with a little bit.  And hopefully soon I will post a few more.  I think you girls look great.  I hope you had fun!

Tuesday I had a shoot with these girls, the LC Cheerleading Competition Squad.  They were a really nice and fun bunch.  We had a good time around the stadium, and on a truck behind the school.  We took so many pictures!  

They will start their competitions tomorrow at the Wood County Fair (I might make it there to photograph them in action).  Then they have several other competitions throughout the next couple weeks.  Goodluck Girls!
Freshman on the left, and Sophomores on  the right.
Juniors on the left, and Seniors on the right.

I'll try to get some more up soon!

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kristen said...

great posing on that last group shot. usually i hate group shots but i really like that one!