Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cheer Comp

On Saturday, I went to and shot the Deshler Days/Corn City Festival (whatever it is called) cheerleading competition.  There were, I think, 29 squads there.... which made for kind of a long day.  I did get some good shots.  

I have decided that cheerleading pictures can look really cool, but can also look hilarious.  It is common to catch a cheerleader making a hilarious face, or doing a move that looks funny when frozen.  I thought about doing a post of just some of the funny faces.

The team above is Ottoville.  I actually thought they were really impressive.  The girls were extremely athletic, but looked good and I guess "girlish" at the same time.  Probably the best team there.

The rest are just a few other shots that I liked.  To see more.....


I have a couple other things that I will hopefully post soon.  One is an engagement shoot that I did yesterday down in Grand Rapids. Check back later!

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