Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nick and Shaina

Well, here are a few shots from the engagement session that I had the other night with this handsome couple.  Nick and Shaina are their names(a lot of ppl call her Ashanti I guess... dunno why), and I will be shooting their wedding in October!  I am really looking forward to it.  Our shoot went great, and I can tell that I am going to get along with them really well!  Shaina is a nurse, and Nick is crazy. 

Haha. These are just a few of the shots, but I wanted to get them up so you could see!

Let me know what you think! 

Cheer Comp

On Saturday, I went to and shot the Deshler Days/Corn City Festival (whatever it is called) cheerleading competition.  There were, I think, 29 squads there.... which made for kind of a long day.  I did get some good shots.  

I have decided that cheerleading pictures can look really cool, but can also look hilarious.  It is common to catch a cheerleader making a hilarious face, or doing a move that looks funny when frozen.  I thought about doing a post of just some of the funny faces.

The team above is Ottoville.  I actually thought they were really impressive.  The girls were extremely athletic, but looked good and I guess "girlish" at the same time.  Probably the best team there.

The rest are just a few other shots that I liked.  To see more.....


I have a couple other things that I will hopefully post soon.  One is an engagement shoot that I did yesterday down in Grand Rapids. Check back later!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Demolition at the HCF

This is why I love Northwest Ohio. I get to enjoy great entertainment such as this. The demolition derby at the Henry County Fair was great this year. They did a couple new things... a demo for lawn mowers, full-sized trucks, and compact cars. It seemed that they may have had fewer cars. My theory is that the Cash for Clunkers program has negatively hit the demolition circuit pretty hard. Hopefully we can rebound next year!

So here are a few shots from my enjoyable night. I have some others posted here...
....if you wish to view more. These were some of my favorites though.

What a great way to bring the Henry County Fair to an end!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tubing on the Maumee

Last night some friends and I had a GREAT time down at the river.   We had our last UFC for the summer, so we went down to the Maumee.  It was full of tubing, wake/knee boarding, barefooting in the dark...., eating, campfiring, p&w, etc.  It was fun, and the weather was great for it.   The water was about perfect as well.

A few action shots.....

The girls chillin in the water after a fall...

Jimmy takin it easy....
He landed this one................................................... this one he didn't.

In the next shots, Jimmy on a wipeout.... and Nick with determination to stay on.

And lastly, some wipeout/aftermath shots.  There is a point in a tubing wipeout where it looks awesome..... and then this point, when it is just hilarious.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wood County Fair Shoot

Well, I have to post these shots so that my friends get off my back!  Haha, just kidding guys.  While at the Wood County Fair the other night, an unplanned photo shoot came about.  It was very unexpected, but fun.  I told these guys I would put some of the shots up, so here they are.


They won about 15 fair sticks, and Ben got REAL serious about the bball shooting game, and the girls insisted I take their picture in front of the balloons.

Then we decided to run down town to take Hillary's pic in front of the Clazel.

LC Cheerleaders: Round 2

Here are a few more from the shoot with the LC cheerleaders.  I have been so busy lately that it has been tough for me to get to them.  

They did have their competition the other night in BG.  I don't know what the final standings were.  I know that it was raining and the LC girls were in the first half and had to do everything while it was raining.  After they went they decided to have the last half of the teams not do tumbling... so it was probably pretty difficult to compare the teams.  


The 4 above crack me up....  I'm not even sure what to say, it was funny.

And some "buddy" shots......

Thursday, August 6, 2009

LC Cheerleaders

I know these girls are probably anxious to see some of these, so I decided to post a few that I have had time to edit and mess around with a little bit.  And hopefully soon I will post a few more.  I think you girls look great.  I hope you had fun!

Tuesday I had a shoot with these girls, the LC Cheerleading Competition Squad.  They were a really nice and fun bunch.  We had a good time around the stadium, and on a truck behind the school.  We took so many pictures!  

They will start their competitions tomorrow at the Wood County Fair (I might make it there to photograph them in action).  Then they have several other competitions throughout the next couple weeks.  Goodluck Girls!
Freshman on the left, and Sophomores on  the right.
Juniors on the left, and Seniors on the right.

I'll try to get some more up soon!