Saturday, July 11, 2009

Senior Shoot: Tyler

Just arrived to Houghton Lake, Michigan a little while ago with the family.  It is crazy windy by the lake right now.  I'm hoping it lets up soon so that we can start enjoying some lake activities.  I'll be posting once in a while this week about the vacation and let everyone know how it's going!

Well anyway, yesterday I had a pretty busy day.  In the morning I had a shoot with Sydney and Lexi in an awesome field of yellow and purple flowers.  It was so awesome looking.  I got some decent shots of the girls.  I think it would be ideal to shoot there in the evening though.

Then later I did some senior shots with Tyler.  He is a pretty cool kid (with a name like that, I expected he would be). He plays football so we did some shots around the stadium.  I stayed up last night to get some quick edits done.  There are a couple that I really liked. I think it was a pretty successful shoot.  So here are a few.....

A little later I will post some of the images of Syd and Lex.

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