Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoying the Camera

Today was a good day! Worked out a little, printed some photos for people that have modeled for me, got a few groceries, etc. It got really nice out this afternoon and I was able to get outside and take some shots with my camera. It is awesome. I love the camera and I am so glad to get to use it. (Fortunately, I have some great parents that helped me out with a little loan. Thanks mom and dad!) Hopefully things go well and it won't take too long for me to pay them back!
After I went out and shot a little, I went for a bike ride. Saw a porcupine on a trail, went to Lake Pleasant and saw a beaver swimming around, and then got caught in a down pour on the way home. It was a pretty eventful ride....

So here are a few shots from right around the neighborhood. 


Oh yeah, I got another awesome package in the mail today.... a box filled with some great snacks from the family. And some amazing colored pictures from the kids. Thanks guys! I enjoyed/am enjoying it!

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Nick said...

wow tyler u rock!