Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoying the Camera

Today was a good day! Worked out a little, printed some photos for people that have modeled for me, got a few groceries, etc. It got really nice out this afternoon and I was able to get outside and take some shots with my camera. It is awesome. I love the camera and I am so glad to get to use it. (Fortunately, I have some great parents that helped me out with a little loan. Thanks mom and dad!) Hopefully things go well and it won't take too long for me to pay them back!
After I went out and shot a little, I went for a bike ride. Saw a porcupine on a trail, went to Lake Pleasant and saw a beaver swimming around, and then got caught in a down pour on the way home. It was a pretty eventful ride....

So here are a few shots from right around the neighborhood. 


Oh yeah, I got another awesome package in the mail today.... a box filled with some great snacks from the family. And some amazing colored pictures from the kids. Thanks guys! I enjoyed/am enjoying it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rainy Day

Today was a pretty rainy, dreary day. I hoped that a certain package I am waiting for might come early and arrive today. Unfortunately it did not, but it should be here tomorrow! Very excited. 
I went to a few reviews, and we also had a sort of information fair at school. It was pretty good, picked up some literature that I will have to check out.
I decided to throw up some shots from a couple weeks ago. Trevor, Sarah, and I had visited North Adams, the Windsor Jambs, and a natural bridge. We were planning on going up Mt. Greylock, but the road hadn't opened yet. So here are a few photos.

View from the restaurant on the hair-pin turn.

Number on a building at MassMOCA, UMass students at the natural bridge area.

Me standing near the natural bridge.

Thats all for now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Final Portfolio... DONE!

So Wednesday we turned in our final portfolios. How great it feels! It was such a busy last few weeks, but I enjoyed it so much. I am going to have the greatest job.
Since Wednesday, we have had the first section of reviews. The judges are being fairly hard on them, which I think is good. I think it will really help us to make sure our portfolios are solid before we start using them to get jobs. I'd rather get torn apart now than later. (Unfortunately I have to wait until he 9th/10th for mine to get reviewed).

I had a lot of fun shoots during the past few weeks. Here is a family shoot that I did. Such a good looking family! I did some portraits of the girls earlier in the year that turned out great. Here are a few random shots from the shoot.

What great models right?! 

Hopefully now that we have less to do, I will get more time to post some stuff. I am in the process of trying to figure out what direction I should go for buying a camera... and also trying to afford it! Exciting, but kind of depressing at the same time.....