Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring?.... I hope.

Today was/is a beautiful and sunny day here in Western Mass. I love this weather, but it really makes me want to be home. I felt like I should have been in Ohio looking for garter snakes with my nephew or something. Soon enough though, spring break starts in a week. I am hoping the weather will be nice for it.

I went out and took a nice long walk around the area. I was going to go to Wendell State Park, but it was so muddy, I couldn't really even park. So I just walked around Millers and Erving and everywhere in between. It was just nice to be able to get outside. Of course, I was too far back in the line at school on Friday, so I wasn't able to rent out a nice camera, so I just look out the trusty old Rebel and snapped a few pictures.

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Jewel Anderson said...

Today was so nice! I hope it stays like this. Lovely pictures; I like the one with reflections.