Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 Weeks Ago...

I figured it was about time to post again. We have been pretty busy lately working on Phase 3 and other assignments. I still have a ton to get done, so the next couple weeks are going to be even busier.

These pictures are from two weekends ago. I actually got a little time to walk around outside and enjoy the outdoors.

These first couple are from Lake Wendel.
These two are from the Northfield Mountain Park, or something like that. There were quite a few people cc skiing and snowshoeing

Our mansion. I don't think I put up any pictures of where we are staying, so I just snapped this quick. It is a pretty luxurious pad..... don't be jealous.

Barton's Cove. I like this area. Back in the cove there are several of these ice shanties set up and people out there fishing. Looks like fun to me. I'd like to find out what exactly they are catching.

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