Monday, October 6, 2008

The Weekend

These pictures are from a few of the places that I visited this past weekend. I went to a couple state parks, and looked around for future spots to take photos.

Looking under the French King Bridge. This is just down the road/river from where we are living. It would be awesome to bungee-jump from.

Wendell State Park- This is also just a few minutes away from us. 

Again at Wendell, looking across the lake. The trees by the waters edge are starting to change quite a bit. Makes for a neat contrast against the pines and the still-green trees.

Laurel Lake in Erving State Park. On the opposite side from the park there are private cottages. It would be a real neat place to go and relax at any time of year I think.

Tully Lake above the dam. I didn't get to hike around here for very long. Just enough time to get a feel for it, and find out that I am definitely going to have to come back again.

I went to the majority of these places on Sunday. Saturday, we went to Shelburne Falls; and then, after talking to a man running a store, we got directions up to where he lives, which is also a "fiber farm". It was basically on top of a mountain and had a great view. They raise different kinds of goats, sheep, llamas, birds, and like two camels. It was a pretty random place, but was a lot of fun to walk around. I have a few pictures from there that I might post if I get a chance.

On the way home from the farm, we saw our first moose while being here! It was out in a field along a woods. It was a younger one and was not huge, but still very exciting to see.

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