Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday we went to New York for the Photo Plus Expo. It was pretty awesome. A ton of people were there, all the camera and photography equipment that you can imagine. One of our instructors (Michael Zide) gave a talk for Bogen. It was neat for him to get to do that. After walking around the expo, we went and walked around some of the city. We ate at a diner that I can't remember the name of, then we made our way down to Time Square. It was my first time in NYC. I don't think it was exactly the same feeling as I imagined, but it is definitely an impressive place in various ways.

Looking down towards TS. I think what I liked the most was all the billboards and signs. Though, I bet back in the day before it was littered in signs, it had a different appeal to it, which I think I would also like.
Pigeons watching below, probably for food, and the Hershey's store.
Josh and Chris watching Naked Cowboy (who is originally from Cincinnati, OH), and Josh crossing the street.

Some reflections in a building across from Macy's.

I really want to get back to NYC and spend a little longer period of time enjoying the city.

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Chris Pino said...

I love me some nudey cowboy!