Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leaf Peepin

"Leaf Peeping" is in full force this weekend. The trees are amazing right now, and it has brought a ton of people..... and traffic. It is really neat. One of the popular spots is the French King Bridge right down the river from us. So many people are there looking down the river and taking pictures and such.

I went around and took a few pictures yesterday morning. In the afternoon, Trevor and I ran to Holyoke to pick up his computer. After that, we spend some time hiking to Goats Peak on at Mt. Tom. It has a tower at the top with a nice view that we could se Hartford from.

This is the drive entering Barton's Cove.

Inside Barton's Cove.

Blue heron taking off. 

The ferry going under French King.

Some beautiful leaves. The thing I enjoy the most is when the different colors from different trees all overlap to make a kaleidoscope sort of color effect.

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Amy said...

Hey! Those turned out great, I love the colors :-)