Sunday, September 14, 2008

Erving and Wendell State Forests

Last weekend I went to a couple of nearby state parks. Saturday I checked out Erving State Forest, and the Sunday I went to Wendell State Forest. They both had pretty decent hiking trails. The official season for the parks is over, so there wasn't much activity at either place; but Erving looks like it would be a neat place to camp when the season starts back up next year. Both places have lake type areas with pretty nice beaches, especially Erving.

These two pictures are at the top of the mountain at Erving. I hiked up there, and it is neat because the top turns into this rock. It had a nice view of the distant trees/mountains. I bet in a few more weeks it will be even prettier.

The next few pictures are from Wendell.

A campfire area near the lake. If this was around home in Ohio, I would definately have a ton of campfires here. 

A view from the beach area of the lake.

After hiking for a little while you come to this area on the other side of the lake, which is kind of like a swamp. It looked really cool. Wish there was a moose standing in it!

Along the back of the swampy area I noticed this newt on the trail. I saw about 3 more of these and a baby water snake. I wasn't really expecting to see anything like this.

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