Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Summer: Compton Traditional Rendevous

I guess I might as well start posting things this summer.

This weekend we(my parents, aunt and uncle, and I) attended the Compton Traditional Rendevous(a traditional archery event) in Berrien Springs, Michigan. It was the first time I have attended this event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also the first time I have shot my bow in a while, but overall, I was satisfied with my performance. I am definately going to start shooting a little more.

If I figure out how, I am going to put up some pictures from the weekend.


FashionSarah said...

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Hugh 'Da' Mann said...

hi Ty,

hope u have a great adventure. if you do snap some fun pics which u are willing to share, could u forward it to me to write up on my blog? compiles pics of people around the world having fun and good times. Mainly to reminisce and share good and forgotten times.